Fall & Winter Fashion For My Mini With eBay!


I missed the whole eBay boat when it first launched. I might have been too young or just not tech savvy enough at the time but as my friends were making cash selling their clothes and saving money buying things on eBay, I was intimidated and stuck to brick and mortar retail.


Fast forward 20 years and a baby later and I’m obsessed. I’m not sure what took me so long but since having Harlowe and having to go through clothes as quickly as the tags are ripped off, eBay has become my go-to for cute, chic and affordable clothes that we both love.



She’s recently been princess obsessed but also loves, sparkly Mary Janes, moto boots and leather (equally) so when hunting down looks for Fall and Winter we fell for these sweet dresses that had skirts made from tule.

We also found an array of tights, motorcycle boots and a jacket and some Uggs; check out my full collection HERE.


Collections are a cool way to keep track of all of the pieces that you want or wish for, kind of like Pinterest but direct to purchase.   I like to make them to keep all of the items that have caught my eye in an organized spot and I also love searching other people’s collections for inspiration too!

Check out some of my collections HERE


As it’s getting dangerously close to the holidays eBay is a great spot to find basically any item you can think of delivered directly to your door, just in time for the holiday season. After re-upping Harlowe’s closet I may have picked up a couple things for myself. I’d been dying to see what Kylie’s lip kit was all about and got one from a seller in Edmonton in two days! Pretty sweet.


From cars to Birkin’s and from hard to find lip gloss to the latest gadgets, eBay is the spot for everything and anything your heart could desire.

Also, eBay is committed to promoting local, Canadian designers and has teamed up with BIKO to create three incredible exclusive pieces of jewelry that would be perfect for that ‘hard to buy for’ person on your list.  All proceeds from the Holiday Designer Collaboration will benefit Kids Help Phone, eBay’s Giving Works December charity.  We love companies that align with our values and eBay is one of them!  Click HERE to check out the collection.





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