How Amex Gives Me The Freedom To Do What I Do When I’m Doing What I’m Doing!


Being a busy mother means little to no time for much fuss. I like things as simple as possible so I can focus on my business and my little lady. Upfront, I do the work to make things seamless so that when trouble pops up I can handle it without an intense amount of stress. American Express is my Card of choice because it is one of those things in my life that does the work for me.



Whether I’m away for business or at the park playing with my girl, the convenience of having things like fraud protection email notifications or the Amex App to view transactions and pay bills right on my smartphone is a lifesaver in and of itself. Being a lover of technology and so directly connected to it, I love how Amex has been so quick to embrace it, forever updating and changing to be hip with the times.


I was recently working in New York and I was able to bring my daughter into town for the weekend. Having that downtime to connect with her was incredible and when I got an alert to my phone with a questionable charge, my day didn’t end with worry about my Card being cancelled. All I simply had to do was click the answer NO to the question: Did you make this purchase? On the alert to my phone and it was right back to the business of playing with Harlowe.


Anyone who knows me knows my love for shopping (especially in iconic NYC), so of course I set aside some time to browse that latest fall fashions in New York. Touring around the city with Harlowe on one arm and shopping bags in the other, safe to say I had my hands full. I really appreciate that I can upload my Amex Card to my mobile wallet and make purchases from my phone. No more searching through my purse for my wallet, just tap and on to the next shop!


If that wasn’t enough, I can use my Membership Rewards points towards any purchase on my Amex, and I can do it right from the Amex App. Whether I’m taking Harlowe to a show or indulging in my love for handbags, I love that I can offset some of the cost with my Amex points. Easy and secure- what more could you want?! Not only does Amex make spending time with my girl easier, they make shopping easier too.


It’s not only about serious things like fraud protection. Amex is my best friend when it comes to fun! From purchasing presale tickets to the hottest kids show in town (yes, tickets to kids shows sell out just as fast as #1 charting Billboard artists) to sporting events, American Express gets me Front Of The Line access with email and in App notifications to my phone and without ever having to leave the comfort of my home. With incredible access to amazing concerts and shows I don’t know what I’d do without this trusty Card that doubles as my security blanket and personal assistant?!!


And the list goes on. If you’re anything like me and want what little free time you have to be spent on the important things like quality time with your family, I encourage you to check out the endless amazingness that comes with being a Cardmember.






Thanks to Amex for sponsoring this post. The views and opinions are my own