Idéllo – Learning In French Made Fun!


Although I took French until I was in OAC I’m certainly not bilingual.  When I found out Harlowe’s school has French Immersion I was thrilled but also a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to support her fully.  When I found  Idéllo I was very excited because it’s created so parents (who aren’t proficient in French) can easily navigate the site.

What is Idéllo?  Well Idéllo is an online platform for parents looking for educational French resources for their kids that are also fun and engaging.  We all worry about ‘screen time’ but when it can be educational and actually help your kids it’s a saving grace.

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Harlowe’s been obsessed with watching kids open these weird egg things on Youtube (apparently so have millions and millions of others) but when I introduced her to Idéllo I was surprised to see her get into it so quickly.  Now when she’s on her iPad she’s playing games and watching videos that are educational and have a focus on French, math and sciences.  Home run!

To check it out and get a free 2 month membership click HERE