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When Chatelaine & Today’s Parent Gift Guides Save The Day For This Busy Mum!


Between running a business, being a mother and having to attend numerous social engagements the holiday season can be a whirlwind of busy! It’s already Decemeber 9th and I have yet to actually buy one gift…. I know a lot of you feel me. The pressure of getting everything done can occasionally start to diminish the joy that’s supposed to surround this season.


Santa mythically made a list and checked it twice, unfortunately for us he doesn’t exist, but fortunately for us, Chatelaine and Today’s Parent do! The crafty and resourceful people behind these mags have created the most amazing lists of gifts for everyone on your lists.

chatelaine gift guide


Not like your average list of everything you’ve seen before, but rather really clever ones with items that are original and thoughtful.   Like things that would make me happy (hello, pineapples!) and things that would make H ecstatic  and even something to surprise my impossible to surprise sister.

With over 100 items on each you’ll be hard pressed not to fine something for everyone.

If you’re like me (and everyone else in the world) overwhelmed, busy, but with hopes of not getting stressed and want to get everything done, check out these gift guides, make your lists and don’t even worry about checking them twice!

To check out Chatelaine’s guide click HERE

To check out Today’s Parent guide click HERE




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