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I love a good podcast – nothing beats the boredom of traffic more.  Maybe because I was raised with the sounds of the CBC but there is something so peacefully satisfying to me in hearing intellectual discussions about topics of interest.

Lately I’ve been starting most sentences with “I was listening to this podcast,” only to be met with blank stares.  Though I thought I was late to the podcast world, I have discovered that so many have yet to adopt the obsession.  Many looking for a solid recommendation, and I can totally relate.  When I first started listening I had a hard time not only finding podcasts I liked, but also discovering where to listen to them.

Since then I’ve found quite a few and thought it might be fun to share my faves with you and also to get your recommendations.  I listen to most of my Podcasts app (which comes free with your iPhone) and a few on Howl.

Here are five of my favourite podcasts which are a great place to start:

START UP: If you own a business, are thinking of starting one or are just generally interested in the Start Up world, this podcast is for you.  It opens with the creator, Alex Blumberg, pitching some of Silicone Valley’s greatest about his new podcast business and just being able to listen in on the process is an incredible learning experience.

Through listening, I’ve figured out a few very key things that I was doing wrong as a business owner and that alone is enough for me to keep coming back for more.  They’ve also just done a riveting mini-series on famed ex American Apparel owner, Dov Charney, and I ate it up.

Revisionist History: Huge caveat, I’m a major Malcolm Gladwell fan so the odds of me liking this podcast was heavily favoured.  This podcast is everything you’d expect from Gladwell, smart, thoughtful and timely.  Revisionist History looks into things in our collective past that we’ve come accustomed to believe as true, when in reality, they may not be as clear as we thought.  From the brake scandal at Toyota to why there is such a skewed investment in Ivy League schools, Malcolm does what Malcolm does best and after each episode I can’t wait to hear the next one.

Underwire:  From bras to Lemonade to Summer bodies, the TOFEMCO., a group of legit smart women, chat about pop culture & current events through the feminist lens and I truly can say it’s a breath of fresh air to hear.  For so long we’ve been fed a heavily one sided view of the world and it’s incredibly freeing to hear topics discussed in a lighthearted but equally intelligent and deep digging way.

It’s funny, it’s timely and it’s intelligent and it’s made right here in Toronto!

Making OPRAH: Another no-brainer.  I.  LOVE.  OPRAH.  I love Oprah and I MISS Oprah.  This retelling of her climb to success and how she became such a pivotal piece of American (and Global) culture is just what I needed.  Told 30 years after Oprah’s first broadcast this podcast takes a look back from a bunch of different perspectives, from producers to guests to Oprah herself.

If you’re anything like me and relish those memories of running home from school to catch Oprah on her 4 o’clock time slot, this is the podcast you’ve been waiting for.


Fruit:  I haven’t gotten much into the fictional podcasts, I’ve reserved most of my listening to opinion pieces and discussion but Issa Rae’s, Fruit, had me addicted from the first five minutes of listening.  Fruit tells the story of X, a professional footballer who is trying to figure out his sexuality – trying to figure out his sexuality in a world, the world of Major League Sports, that has no time for homosexuality.

Fruit is thoughtful and thought provoking and truly the only time I’ve really looked at sports and sexuality in this way


What are you listening to?  I love a great recommendation!



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