Netflix And Chill – 5 Shows We Love Right Now

netflix and chill

I hate the cold but when the weather is like this there’s nothing I enjoy more than a little Netflix and Chill!  Who doesn’t like to cozy up on a cold night with a good show?  You don’t even need great company if the show is good enough.  In fact, this is one of those activities that speaks to the hermit in all of us and every now and again we all need a little chill out hermit-time.

For the next little while (until the weather holds steady in the double digits) we will be sharing some of our must-sees.  This week, I present to you, our current Five Faves for the perfect Netflix and Chill-bingewatching-night-in:


Chef’s Table

Yes, I know, no one is eating right now, why a food show?  Just kidding, we’re eating, we’re healthy, we don’t fad diet….  ammiright???  But for real, people, this show is special – so special.

I was first introduced to it from Dr Aumari who is not only a super natural healer (more on that later) but also a food lover – like me!  Even if you don’t love food, this show tells the stories of chefs around the world who have been awarded Michelin Stars.  They all have incredible stories and intense passion for what they do.

The OA

I’m not the biggest Supernatural fan but this and my next review might mean that the times, they are a changin’.  Though the OA leans a little bit more on the Drama side, its suspenseful timeline and overall trippy premise forces you to suspend disbelief in a way that I was just comfortable enough with.

I binge watched OA in just over a day and subsequently directed the fifth movement dance sequence on the beach to ward away the miseries of 2016 on the beach in Cayman….  If you’ve watched it, I know you would have gotten a kick out of it.

Stranger Things

Now this one pushes the Supernatural boundaries even further but because it is a little scary (borderline horror) I was addicted.  The premise, a boy goes missing and in the process of trying to find him, his friends and various members of the town uncover a mysterious little girl and some freaky supernatural forces.

The Fall

I must be really into psychopaths or dark things or something because this one is another dark thriller.  Starring   Gillian Anderson (AKA Scully) as Stella Gibson, a kick butt detective on the hunt for a serial killer who is targeting women.  Though this could be another one of those horrid shows that depicts women as the victim, The Fall puts numerous female characters in strong, believable roles as a great counterbalance.

This show is incredibly well written and takes place in Ireland which makes for an interesting back drop.  It’s in its 3rd season so if you haven’t seen it, you have a lot of binging to do – how exciting?!?!?

The Crown

It must be my half British background that makes me have some strange affection for the Royals because my political leanings do not (at all) reflect a reason why I love them so.  This affection would explain why I enjoy watching and reading anything about this otherwise weird clan with the questionable lineage.

Nevertheless, The Crown, another Netflix Original, is finally a story all about Queen Elizabeth II.  Her relationships with her father, her husband, her family and her country.  Full of intrigue and drama, this show is of particular interest because it, in effect, all happened and thus helped to shape the world in which we are now living.


I could go on for days and days about all of the movies and shows that I love to watch on Netflix but instead, I will continue to recommend every few weeks right here on the blog.  If there’s a show, movie or documentary that you love and recommend, please do leave a comment to let me know, I’d love to hear from you!




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2 thoughts on “Netflix And Chill – 5 Shows We Love Right Now

  1. I am a Netflix, Amazon, streaming junkie! I loved The Fall, Chef’s Table, and The Crown, however I’m not into sci-fi, AT ALL, so, not certain I’ll delve into the other two. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, check out The Night Manager and Mad Dogs.

    1. I love The Night Manager! I haven’t seen Mad Dogs so I will check that out. Try OA, it’s borderline sic-fi.

      Hope you’re well!


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