Harlowe’s Room Refresh with 3M™


When I first moved into my house I wanted everything to be clean and simple – clean slate. As I’ve lived there for a year now, I’ve begun adding things to make it feel more like a home and reflect our personalities. Harlowe’s room was simple, bright white with a light pink feature wall but it was time to add a bit of her to it. We partnered with Command® to make a few simple changes that made a world of a difference.
Harlowe’s Room Refresh with 3M™

I knew I wanted a chalkboard feature so Harlowe could have a spot to draw on the walls (that was Mummy approved) so I started there, placing it in the dead space between her bookshelves. I outlined it with ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape which makes pretty perfect straight lines and used good ol’ Martha’s chalkboard paint.

Harlowe’s Room Refresh with 3M™

Harlowe’s Room Refresh with 3M™

I also made sure to use Filtrete™ furnace filters to keep the room feeling fresh. While the chalkboard paint has a very faint smell, I wanted to make sure that no toxins were left lingering in the air.


Harlowe loves flowers so I thought making her initial in pretty fake ones would be an easy and unique behind the bed feature that she could help me put together. I got the flowers and foam core Michaels and was able to put the finished product on the wall seamlessly with Command® Picture Hanging Strips which I just discovered and absolutely love!


Finally, to add some whimsy, I added two hanging features – I LOVE hanging things from the ceiling. Thankfully Command® Clear Hooks allow me to do just that. No poking holes – damage free! I hung an awesome tent that my bestie Kiki made using this ( DIY and also some sweet hot air balloons and clouds.

Harlowe’s Room Refresh with 3M™


Here’s how I made these small changes that had a big impact!

Check out our video or see below for a full how to:


Materials Needed:


-Chalkboard paint – amount depends on the size of chalkboard you’re making but keep in mind you will need to do two coats!

-Small paint roller – if your chalkboard isn’t massive, a bigger one if you’re doing a whole wall

-ScotchBlue™ Painters tape

-A drop cloth


How To:

  • Pick a nice, flat piece of wall that’s accessible to the kiddies
  • Map out the size and using ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape frame your chalkboard, keeping in mind that the chalkboard with be within the borders of the painters tape
  • Put down your drop cloth – I found that this paint didn’t spill at all but to be safe, lay it over anything you worry about getting paint on
  • Paint your chalkboard using a ‘w’ formation, I started in the top right corner moving across in small ‘w’s to keep the paint distribution most uniform
  • Let the paint dry and then once dry, go over it again for a perfectly black board
  • Let dry again and once dry, if you’re going to add a quote, use ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape as a ruler guide that won’t remove any paint


Floral Initial


Materials Needed:


-Foam core

-Exacto knife

-Fake flowers

-Hot Glue Gun

Command® Picture Hanging Strips


How To:

-Draw your initial on a piece of foam core – I used ScotchBlue™ as my guide as H’s have all straight edges *bonus*

-Place down something to protect your cutting surface and cut out your initial with the exacto

-Take your cut out initial and now add Command® Picture Hanging Strips before adding the flowers, keeping the wall side tape on until you’re ready to hang

-Arrange your flowers to get an idea of how you want the final product to look

once you’ve figured that out, begin glueing them in place with your hot glue gun

-Allow it to dry

-Wipe down the area you wish to hang your initial with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry

-Once your wall and floral initial are dried remove the back side of the Command® Picture Hanging Strips and hang on your chosen wall by pressing to secure


Hanging Clouds and Tent


Materials needed:

-Command® Clear Hooks

-Fishing Wire

-Tent, Clouds or whatever you chose

Room Refresh with 3M™

How To:

-Clean your surface with rubbing alcohol and adhere the Command® Clear Hooks

-Tie fishing wire to your object and create a loop on the opposite end

-Hang loop on the hook and voila! A beautiful addition to your room

I bought the hot air balloons from Elte and made the clouds using this DIY ( but opted to not make the rain feature. I’m not the biggest fan of rain, even in jewel form 😉


Harlowe is in LOVE with her new room and brings anyone who comes over directly up to it.


You can pick up all of the products I used HERE






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