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I’m tired.  I know you are too.  I think it’s some strange millennial thing to take on way more than we can handle just to make us feel alive. We work (many of us more than one job) have a million side projects and families to boot.  We are the generation of ‘go’, #TeamNoSleep, and no excuses.  But we are also the most health conscious of generations.  We know what we should eat, what’s good for us and seek out things that can support a balanced lifestyle.


Recently I took a break from coffee, I do it every year when I find I’m drinking way too much.  I had reached my peak of 4 cups a day when I decided to make the switch to green tea and make the commitment to not be so dependent on the coffee kick.  It was hard at first, I love coffee, but after a week and a half the headaches stopped and I was getting used to just drinking green tea.  But with so much work on my plate organizing the New Year and coming down from the holidays to say I’ve needed an extra kick of energy is an understatement.

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I discovered V8 +Energy on a recent trip to the grocery store and was intrigued.  An energy drink you can feel good about?  Sign me up!  With caffeine derived from green tea this non-carbonated pick me up had me at peach and mango.  Not to mention it has no artificial colours or sweeteners and comes in at 50 calories.  With two flavours, Pomegranate Blueberry and Peach Mango (my personal fave) this bevvie is perfect when you have a ton of work on your desk and the to-do list just won’t quit.


I won’t ever officially give up coffee forever. It’s my thing, but not drinking it as much, adding green tea and every now and again, when I’m really needing a little more energy to get through the day, V8 +Energy is my new best friend!

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