Have a Beautiful Weekend

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From the Inauguration to the Women’s March to Bell Let’s Talk, this week and a half has been charged with emotion. I was taken aback with all of the incredible sharing that happened on Wednesday on Social Media and wanted to use this week’s link love to show love to those that inspired me.

Meghan Yuri Young asked me to get involved and of course is always one to practice what she preaches. In true Meghan form, she shared something that I know will help so many women and girls. I’m so proud of you Meghan and so thankful to know you.  

I love Social Media for so many reasons but especially because you get to see so many perspectives on the same thing.  I’ve followed Steph, probably since I got Instagram and I love how she is so candid about her journey with mental health.  She posted a very poignant post that made me think twice about all of the posts that were going up – seemingly simplifying mental illness.

Everyone thinks that being on TV is so easy and so glam. Chloe Wilde shared a very honest look into what it’s really like for her.   Grateful for your honesty, Chloe.

Tara Muldoon of the incredible Project F Word wrote two posts that were so great – I couldn’t pick just one. Read this and this.

This post by Madelyn Chung was a beautifully written piece that shows the real side of depression.

Thank you to everyone who shared. You’ve helped more people than you could imagine in ways you couldn’t believe.



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