A Healthier Super Bowl Snack Stadium!


Though I’m more of a basketball fan, there’s nothing I love more than an excuse to celebrate; it would be rude if a celebration such as the Super Bowl came around and we ignored the chance to make a SUPER BOWL SNACK STADIUM.  Yes, caps lock.  It deserves caps lock because who ever first created this idea was a damn snacking genius.  A paper stadium filled with chips and small bites all cheering on the star of any party – some good dip – again genius!

super bowl snack stadium

Now I’ve seen some extreme snack stadiums, ones that might just put you off, but this one is super simple. It’s also much more impressive than throwing some chips and dips in some bowls – but trust me, I’m totally fine with that way too.  I mean, as long as I’m getting some snacks, I’m pretty excited (and your guests should be too!) BUT, if you do have a little extra time come Sunday and you have some hungry friends shall I suggest making one of your own?

super bowl snack stadium

Here’s how

What You’ll Need:

  • magazine holders – I used magazine file holders that I snagged at Staples but you can also cut pop can boxes like this.
  • a pan or tray for your dip. I used something like these aluminum trays
  • a piece of bristol board to protect your table (optional)
  • snacks!  I chose the healthier route (but not too healthy) with popcorn chips, rice cakes, cheese, and meat sticks but this is a ‘choose your own adventure’ vibe – pick your faves!
  • a dip – I chose to make guacamole but you can also use the store bought.  If you’re not into guacamole, anything will do!  I made my end zones hummus and the yard lines with sour cream.


How To:

  • make your dip and put it in your pan, spreading it out evenly with a spatula or the back of a spoon
  • if you’re feeling crafty, divide up your dip with lines of sour cream by placing a dollop into a plastic bag and cutting off the tip of the bag-  this will make it easier to direct your lines
  • extra crafty?  Cut a piece of sandwich meat and make a cute football. *Remember, this is fun and doesn’t have to be perfect!
  • place a piece of bristol board down on your serving area
  • place your football field dip in the centre
  • surround the field with the magazine file folders, openings facing inwards
  • fill your boxes with whatever snacks you choose
  • get snacking!

super bowl snack station





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