The Perfect French Onion Soup by Chef Sylvain Assie of Café Boulud

french onion soup

I love French Onion Soup. If it’s on a menu (any menu) there’s a pretty high probability that I will order it. When I tried the French Onion Soup at Café Boulud and it was set down in front of me, I was at first dismayed.  No traditional stubby bowl choked with so much cheese you couldn’t see the soup; no crusty burnt cheese waft…but then I tried it.  All at once this soup was delicate yet homey. It was comforting and it stood up on its own without having to hide behind masks of cheese.  This is a rare statement as I would forever like things to hide solidly behind masks of cheese, allowing me to slowly eat away at it to discover the underlying treasure.  Like a ‘surprise egg’, only much, much better, and for adults.  What the hell is with kids and surprise eggs?!?!?!?

Anyhoot! If you’re looking to impress some friends, are just cold and want some good soup but you’re too lazy to get dressed to go out and get it, this super simple recipe will shock you with how little you need to make something taste so incredible. And I promise you, you will barely miss the layers of burnt cheese. Barely…

Recipe created by Sylvain Assie Executive Chef of Café Boulud and tested by moi.  You can do it, swear!


INGREDIENTS (for 8 servings) :

500g of Spanish onions

500g of Vidalia Onions

2L Beef Stock

25g Flour

50g Butter

french onion soup



-Place butter in a hot frying pan

-Incorporate chopped onions and make them “sweat”, half way colored

-Spread the flour all over the onions

-Continue to colour the onions, add the flour and obtain a “Roux” (mix of butter, flour and the onions)

-Add salt, pepper and slowly add the beef stock while cooking slowly for 15′ to 20′, summer on a low temperature

-Finish cooking with Sherry wine or equivalent

french onion soup


-French baguette cut in thin slices

-Rub the slices of bread with a fresh garlic

-Dry the bread slices in the over at 325
french onion soup

How To Serve:

-Serve the soup in a bowl, not too high, not too low

-Add the slice of dry bread into the soup

-Add Gruyere at your discretion (50g per person ideally)

Onion soup is better when consumed hot!

french onion soup

Notes: I added cheese to the bread and toasted it.  You know how I feel about cheese and it’s never discretionary – it is always a must.

Thanks for sharing your recipe Sylvain!


Happy National Homemade Soup Day!


Have a lovely weekend.





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