Harvest Bakes, The Perfect Family Snack

country harvest harvest bakes

Packing lunches…who knew it would be such an unbearable task?  When my daughter was young and first started eating solids, she ate it all!  From beans to avocado, she was basically a card carrying foodie.  Then she hit two, learned lots of things (things like the power of ‘no!’) and that was that.  To say finding things that she likes can be challenging is an understatement.

In an effort to be healthy and prepare meals for myself as well, I was thrilled that when I brought home the new Harvest Bakes by Country Harvest I found that Harlowe dug them too.  Kind of like a flatbread, but with a little more goodness, Harvest Bakes are awesome toasted with some hummus (if you’re savoury like me) or with some jam (if you’re a sweetie like Harlowe).  You can also eat them solo–they’re so fresh and chewy that they stand strongly alone.  The Canadian Wild Blueberry especially.

harvest bakes

Speaking of standing alone, though I mentioned H likes hers with jam, she certainly doesn’t like hers with jam in her lunchbox.  She likes them with jam only when she can put on the jam; not when it’s been sitting, already spread in her lunchbox.  BUT she will eat them gladly if they’re plain.  I think it’s the chewy, flavourful, taste of Harvest Bakes that make them great to pack and eat any way and anywhere you choose.  Plus, there’s no crust!  Don’t even get me started on crusts.

country harvest

I know I should probably be a little more strict with what H eats, but at this point I’m just glad she’s eating.  When she’s eating things like Harvest Bakes I know I’m covered.  They’re packed not only flavour, but also with real ingredients, and are a great source of fibre, protein, iron and calcium.  With three awesome flavours: Canadian Wild Blueberry, Apple & Cinnamon and Super Seedy & Quinoa there’s something for everyone.

Find out more about the new Country Harvest Harvest Bakes HERE.




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