Eat.Train.Live with Lonie Murdock

Lonie Murdock

If you don’t already know, Lonie Murdock of Eat.Train.Live. is a nutrition, health and wellness expert. We met with her a while back (see here) to introduce you to the most delicious and nutritious meal service out there, (because she makes the very best!).

Today, she’s sharing her top 3 health and wellness Eat.Train.Live. tips.

Top 3 health and wellness tips:

1. EAT!!

Restrictive diets not only leave you feeling hungry and irritable, but they leave your body depleted of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Eating a well balanced diet loaded with nutrient dense whole foods will keep you happy, healthy and on track!

2. TRAIN!!

Lift, dance, run, walk, stretch, roll. Just move. You do not need to embark on a ‘balls to the wall’ training regime (yet) but you need to make movement a part of each and every day!

3. LIVE!!

Eating right and being physically fit is great, but so is living each and every day with balance. So do what you can-when you can-so when you can’t…IT”S OK!!! Life happens and you are not a bad person if you occasionally opt for dinner and wine rather than sweat and squats!


Balance is definitely key and with Eat.Train.Live, you’ll learn to live a more balanced life!


Have any questions for Lonie?  Be sure to leave them in a comment below!

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