This National Pizza Day, Make Your Own!

national pizza day homemade pizza

Find me a person who doesn’t love pizza and I will change their ways. From gluten free, to dairy free and everything in between, there’s always a way to enjoy this scrumptious concoction that the Italians blessed us with; today is the day we celebrate! Well, one of the days….  When is it a bad day to celebrate pizza??

In an effort to continue mixing it up in the kitchen with my daughter (translation: get her to eat anything), I’ve gotten her working alongside me. She loves prepping meals and feeling like she’s made something. Our current fave thing to make is pizza. We snag some pre-made dough from the grocery store, roll it out and top it. I like dividing the toppings into little bowls so she can try different things and every now and again she gets adventurous.

If you haven’t tried making pizza with your kiddies (or friends) try it!  It’s a great way to get everyone working in the kitchen and allows for fun conversation.


How To:


  • pizza dough (I snagged some spelt dough at Whole Foods, but you can get plain or whole wheat at most grocers)
  • pizza sauce – you can also get this pre-made or make your own and if you’re not into tomato sauce, try pesto (so good)
  • flour for rolling
  • toppings of your choice – get creative!





  • roll out your dough on a flat surface that’s been dusted with some flour (flour up your rolling pin too!)
  • once it’s rolled out, cut the dough into a bunch of smaller pieces (I got six out of my pack of dough)
  • roll out the dough into mini pizzas – to get it nice and thin, roll it and give it a rest and roll again, continue this until the dough stops folding back into itself
  • place your pizzas on a baking sheet and top!
  • bake in the oven at 450/500 (depending on your oven) until the edges start to brown
  • cut it up and serve!

national pizza day homemade pizza


Enjoy & Happy National Pizza Day!





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