Some Of What We’ve Been Reading

what we've been reading

With the snow coming down, what better way to enjoy it but indoors, snuggled up, reading something good.  Here’s some of what we’re reading:

Great advice. 

Artist, Bryan Espiritu, is a huge source of inspiration for me.  He’s started a great project that is providing living essentials to young people age 16-24 who are coming out of homelessness or foster care.  Join me in supporting this amazing cause HERE.

We’re going to Galentines tonight.  Come!

Loved Lady Gaga’s response to the body shaming she received after her Super Bowl performance.

Loving what their doing in LA in the beauty salon world.

The sweetest.

Raf for Calvin at NYFW.

I can totally relate with Shan.

Yoram Ottolenghi has a new column in the NYT!

On working from home.  Hilarious.

Have a lovely weekend.  Stay warm and safe.







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