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I’ve been in Whistler for the past week with Harlowe and some friends. It’s been a mix of equal parts fun and stress, as anyone who travels with children knows. Unfortunately she got an ear infection day one and, quickly after, a bad cold so skiing has been out of the question.  I’ve been busy keeping her active because this cold didn’t come with her losing any of her energy…  Luckily there’s tons to do in this town and the countryside is incredibly beautiful.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been much time for reading but here’s some of what I’ve stumbled upon:

Restoring my faith in humans.

How the Trump Travel Ban is affecting real people.

Even Susan feels the pain of mean comments.  I respect how she commits to authenticity regardless.

Another reason to hit the gym.

Oprah in 2020?

Simple travel tip for parents that I wish I knew on my way to Whistler!

SJP wins with this.

On repeat.

Plus a sweet video.

Went here last night and it was heaven.

Quote via.

What have you been reading this week?




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