What DO You Believe In?


What DO you believe in? What DO I believe in?  

When I became a mother there were so many changes. All of what I thought mattered quickly became inconsequential. Though I didn’t have the urge to leave traditional work to work at home, my passion for my business ignited in a way like never before. My main focus became being the best version of myself, to be an example (and possibly an inspiration) for my daughter.


Before I had Harlowe I would put so much weight in the hands of others, allowing their opinions to strangle me and my progress. But as my daughter started to grow, I was constantly reminded how important it is to have a positive opinion of myself, as it would surely reflect on her.  

I’ve never had a hard time being the champion of others, the captain of everyone else’s cheerleading team. But it wasn’t until I began to see how my feelings of myself would directly affect the feelings my daughter had of herself that I began to do the necessary work to begin to believe in me.

To many of you this may sound like some strange, narcissistic experiment in navel gazing. But to those of you out there who are struggling through all of the noise and having a hard time believing in the most important person in your life, YOU, give yourself a break. Take a second and start to remember the good, your passions and the things that make you happiest. Drown out the negative noise and remember there is only one you. And you, my friend, are one magical being who deserves all that you’re willing to dream and work your tail off for.


PANDORA Jewelry asked me what I believe in and I can say now that I confidently believe in myself. Not only that, but I also believe in the incredible power and strength that women have to effect major change in our world. I am proud of PANDORA Jewelry as a company standing up for women; the women who make their pieces and the women who rock them. 


The PANDORA Jewelry DO collection is taking a stand for women around the globe by helping them make a statement, not only with their jewelry, but by encouraging them to share their stories.  Follow along @PANDORA_NA and Instagram @TheOfficialPANDORA to see what unfolds.

The PANDORA Jewelry DO pieces I’m wearing are:

Dazzling Daisy Cluster Stud

Dazzling Daisies Silver Necklace

Radiant Hearts Of Pandora bangle

Moments Double Woven Leather Bracelet Double White




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