Why Every Woman Should Have F.U. Money


I have been working in corporate Canada for nearly a decade. For six of those years, I’ve also been a business owner and this has afforded me additional income. I feel very strongly about women putting themselves in positions to win. Learn how to make money outside of your 9-5 because although your job may determine your salary YOU can decide your income.

Throughout the last decade, there were a few times I was laid off and yes, in the moment it hurt and I was sad. But most often than not, I had the ability to bend and not break because I’d figured out a way to stay in control. Listen to me, now more than ever, it is easy to increase your cash flow. Some of my favourite suggestions include this list of ideas on Forbes and Lauren Holliday’s thoughts oMedium. There is no shortage of what you can do. So why do so many people leave money on the table?

To be honest, I don’t have the secret to becoming rich, nor do I want to give you the impression that I chase money. Actually, the fact is, I chase my dreams. I’ve always believed that if you focus on your passion and master it, all of the pleasures that come along with having a successful business will naturally follow. This space is where you become rich in experience, health, love, and life. Maybe you want to help your parents retire faster, go on a dream vacation, aggressively pay down your debt – all of this requires money. According to the Financial Post, nearly half of Canadians live paycheque to paycheque. Girl, you don’t need to be a part of that half.

My mom stayed with my dad for too long because of financial reasons. If she’d just had a little side hustle, a little of her own money, she would have left. So I encourage women to have what I call ‘F.U.’ money. – Tyra Banks

There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all and then getting it. Personally, I have felt empowered saying (or thinking) F.U. to my boss, my job, my landlord, hey, even my partner. And I could only do that because I put myself in a position to win. Turning your passions into profits is not easy, but your attitude is what will make a huge difference in your ROI.

Still, not sure about next steps? Consider these key factors to help you.

  1. Figure out exactly what you want.

Ask yourself what you want your life to look like years from now. Paint a picture inside your mind and envision everything. I mean down to the very last detail including the feeling you want to experience. Is it peace? freedom? Joy? Danielle LaPorte suggests that you should navigate the decisions in your life based on how you want to feel. Your primary objective should be to feel good. I couldn’t have said it any better. Once you understand how you want to feel, the next step is planning what you need to do to make it happen, again down to the very last detail.

  1. Build your hustle around passion.

If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, then you can forget about it. You’ve already sabotaged the entire process. In order to succeed at this, you have to be obsessed and work at your master plan daily. At the core of your being, whatever you choose to pursue has to align with your beliefs and values. Spend time with people living their dreams and they’ll tell you. Here are a few suggestions that may spark an idea: self-publish a book to sell on Amazon and other booksellers; create a product to sell online; become a freelancer; host seminars/workshops; create a blog/platform to sell a service; become a coach/consultant related to your passion. Did this list help? Grab a notepad and pen and continue jotting down some ideas of your own or invite some friends and have a mastermind session.

  1. Become an expert.

Talent is not enough. You must fuel the desire to learn more about your field of interest. It is vital that you improve your skills and actually invest time and energy into your passion. No amount of fairy dust replaces hard work. Find out what drives you because you will not succeed unless you have a purpose for why you do what you do. Master your craft and give 110%.

  1. Make financial education a priority.

Read books, take classes, seek council from a financial advisor to learn about how to live below your means, save and invest wisely. Many people fail because they mishandle money. Don’t allow this to happen to you.

  1. Face your fears.

Not everyone will support your dreams but you should know that with or without them, you are still amazing! Walk your path confidently and don’t expect anyone else to understand your journey. Trust me, it’s hard but you have to fight through some of the bad days to earn some of the best days of your life. I know this because I am living it.

  1. Practice patience.

This is the most important tidbit of advice I will leave you with. You may not be rollin’ in dough within the first few weeks, months or even a year, but you have to keep the faith and stay on target. It took me at least a year to finally generate strong and steady income streams. But before I was on my feet, I worked for free to gain experience and build clients, networked my butt off and spent countless hours getting creative with marketing and business strategies.

Remember, success is a mindset. If you want to be successful, start thinking of yourself as a success. Never ever, ever, ever, EVER, give up on yourself!




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