You Should Read: milk and honey, rupi kaur

rupi kaur

This was by far the best Kris Kringle gift I’ve ever received.  I love a good book but this particular collection of poetry spoke to me in a way poetry has never spoken to me before.  Poet, rupi kaur, hailing from Brampton, has quickly become a hometown hero with her book, milk and honey that takes the reader on a literary journey through three stages: the hurting, the breaking and the healing.

rupi kaur

To feel transported by words is a tough thing these days, with our eyes and minds being pulled in so many directions our attention span leaves something to be desired.  But the second I cracked this spine there was no going back.  I consumed it within an hour, pulled from poem to poem, page to page.  From the beauty of the words to the truth in the realness of her pain, I felt a connection to this story, that I have only felt very few times.

milk and honey


Self published in 2014, milk and honey has gone on to sell over half a million copies in the US alone and is in its 16th reprinting.  I feel to explain it to you or to give you a real review would do these beautiful words a grave injustice.  From the sampling I’ve posted here, I hope you’re intrigued enough to pick it up.  I’ve since bought four copies to share with friends.  Something magic happens when you read moving prose, something really special happens when you share it.

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