conversations with coco

Conversations with Coco

Over the past few months Coco & Cowe has had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with some of  Toronto’s most influential. From conversations with creators of the coolest lifestyle apps to sex and relationships talks, over the past few months we’ve covered a lot of ground. Here’s a few of our fav conversations so far!

Dating in the age of social media with Tyrone Edwards

Most of the images we choose to share on social media are the highlights of our life. From timing to sharing and oversharing, Tyrone shared the extent to which he shares his significant other on social media. Whether it’s casual or a committed relationship, we spoke about what’s natural and unnatural and what happens when relationships suddenly ends.

Whether you’ve just got out of a relationship, or things are a bit more complicated, there’s a lot of reasons why people choose to share or hide their relationship with their audience.


Working out through chronic pain and health issues with Sasha Exeter

We all have faced the challenge of working through pain, but we all have different thresholds. With the decision to push through kidney disease and Fibromyalgia, Athlete, model and social media expert Sasha Exeter shared her personal battle with pain and how her honestly and vulnerability help shaped her career today.

After being told by her doctor she’d never have a healthy normal life again, Sasha decided to take the weakness and embarrassment she viewed her health issue as and work through it.


Influence & Toronto Life Magazine‘s Power 50 list with Malcolm Johnston

Senior Editor of Toronto Life, Malcolm Johnston shared the process behind creating their Power 50 list and how they narrow down who shapes the city every year. In 2017 Justin Trudeau was on the cover, for obvious reasons, but in order to make top 50 the influence can’t only be felt but must be understood and proven to the reader.

2017 was a year of influence, and witnessed some of the largest changes in the media landscape. In a time where influence is now spoken through the lens of influencers, this topic still wasn’t touched on in this issue. From sports and business to culture and the restaurant industry, Malcolm shared Toronto Life’s process in narrowing down the cities Power 50.



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