Best Stories Of The Week



This weather is the pits but my favourite trick is listening to music that sounds like the islands.  Like this and this.  I hope this weekend is relaxing for you!  Here’s some of what I’ve been reading.


I ran into one of mine last night!

It was Transgender Day of Visibility this week.  This article is a great read. 

The gospel according to Bey to get you through your workday.

This really did brighten my day.

Prettiest wedding.  #golfcartgoals

Home office update inspo.

Gorgeous blouses under $55.00

The wall seems to not only be ridiculous but also not even cost effective… 

I could look at peonies forever.

There’s a lot of talk about Drake appropriating music styles but Black Coffee disagrees.

Also, listen to the original version of my fave song on the ‘playlist’ Get It Together.

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