Motivation Monday: Healthy Eating

To me, working out has always been the best solution to staying fit. I had always indulged in the most unhealthy foods thinking that my fast metabolism would make up for it or I’d just sweat it out later in the gym. It’s only now that I’m truly beginning to realize the importance of maintaining both a healthy diet and well-rounded workout regimen to stay in shape and feeling my best overall.


You really are what you eat and it wasn’t until I’d decided to opt for a meal planning service that I began to realize the difference. Cooking is definitely not my forte and always felt like a chore more than anything. Having to buy groceries for just myself always ended up in more food being wasted and late night calls to Pizza Pizza and guilty Uber Eats deliveries.

My lack of a well-balanced diet was starting to show in all aspects of my life. From a lack of energy to splurging on in-the-moment food cravings, it was time to change the way I ate without compromising my energy, time or money.


Enter Eat Train Live. At first I assumed meal planning would mean plain diet food that would leave me craving chocolate cake or ice cream every night, but  Eat Train Live delivers delicious organic, healthy food that not only fills me up but leaves me wanting more! It’s so tasty and actually makes me want to eat my greens.

From breakfast through dinner, I get to select the meals I’d like from their changing weekly menu and get deliveries twice a week so it’s always fresh and affordable! From Chicken ‘Sausage’ and Sweet Potato Waffles with Berries to Escovitch Organic Trout with Julienned Peppers, Onions & Carrot with Green Rice, Eat Train Live lets me maintain a balanced lifestyle without any compromises.

Interested in Eat Train Live? See what they’re all about here!

Find them on social @eat.train.live.toronto. Photos by Ryan Emberley.




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