My Guilty Pleasure Just Got Sweeter With Costco


We all have our guilty pleasures. Mine mostly surround food and food stores, which range from corner bodegas to Costco. On the one hand, I love interesting packaging and beautiful delicacies. On the other, I also love a great deal and efficient shopping when it comes to the necessities. Costco has always been one of my faves. Whether for a backyard BBQ or to stock my office with supplies, there’s just something about it that makes me happy.

Last week I went to check out the newest innovation from Costco, the Costco Business Centre. Located just outside of Toronto, The Business Centre was created to meet the needs of the many small business owners that frequent their stores. With 80 percent of the merchandise that they carry being different from their core warehouses, this spot’s main focus is to keep you and your business stocked.  

I totally geeked out walking the aisles of this store that had all of the snacks & office supplies. Unlike a typical Costco, this one had a walk-in cooler for meat and dairy that housed my dream situation: A CHEESE WHEEL! Aged 24 months and priced at only $25.00, my mind instantly drifted off into ways I could justify bringing one home; an Italian themed buffet, an all-you-can-eat risotto night…. If I could have lifted the wheel by myself I would have grabbed it, but instead I snagged a bunch of Dry Erase markers, a bulletin board and candies.


One thing I can’t leave Costco without is P & G brands like Bounty for all of the spills–at home and in my office. Motherhood and work have a way of getting messy, but with tried and true products like Bounty Paper Towels, life management gets a little simpler. That’s why my favourite part about Costco is that I can snap up all of the items I need in bulk.


Though this new offering is geared toward businesses, it is open to all Costco members. With opening time at 7am as opposed to the typical 10, you can jump start your day stocking up your office or your next house party. If you’re like me and you love your Costco, check it out!  Though, for efficiency’s sake they don’t stock jewelry or have a food court, I trust they have everything you could imagine you need (and a few things you wish you needed).

The new Costco Business Centre is located at 50 Thermos Rd in Scarborough.

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