How To Help Syria, For Those Of Us Who Haven’t…


I’m embarrassed to say it has taken me far too long to do something to help the cause in Syria.  Every time I watch the news or read the paper I find myself in this pathetic paralytic state.  Aghast at the tragedy but unable to act.  There can’t be much worse than that.  Knowing something so terribly wrong is going on and doing nothing about it.

One of my favourite teachers from High School was organizing to help bring a family over and I had planned to help but then life happened and I got so sidetracked that I felt embarrassed to even try to reach out and see if help was still needed.  I’ve turned off the TV.  I’ve changed the channel.  I’ve closed the newspaper, I’ve flipped the page, I’ve averted my eyes…

No more.

I share a lot of beautiful things with you here on this blog.  I stay positive and keep it light.  But I think a lot of you out there are like me, you’ve told me as much.  You like to stay positive, see the silver lining, rock those rose coloured glasses, but you also care.  You have hearts and you want to help.  You want to help but you just don’t know how.  So I’ve pooled my resources, asked some friends, and did some google searching and found 4 ways you can get involved.


Learn about what’s going on.

Once you know, you can’t pretend you don’t.  Here are a few great sites to check out.

In comic form

White Helmets


UN Refugee Agency


Donate to one of the charities actively helping to save lives:

Preemptive Love

Save The Children Syria

Lifeline Syria

Global Hope Network

White Helmets

Doctors Without Borders

Volunteer your time:

If you’re in Toronto, Volunteer Toronto has loads of listings to help Syrian refugees.

Donate clothing or furniture to help Syrian refugees finding a new life in Canada.

Refugee 613 is accepting donations to help those calling Canada there new home.  

As does Furniture Bank


If you know of any other ways to give back, please leave us a comment.  We’d love to know.






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