Travel Tuesday: St. Thomas, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten

Being able to travel is such a privilege—you head out the door with the full intention of adding new experiences and people to your roster. Sometimes, I even view travel as a bookmark: an event to mark in time that comes with a host of befores, and the possibility of the afters.

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My most recent trip took place on a cruise that took my family and I through the islands of St. Thomas, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. Aside from the occasional swaying on the ship, the constant barrage of food and views made the trip smooth sailing.

My experience on the cruise was very leisurely. Essentially, every day I woke up, ate breakfast, packed my essentials for a day through downtown and the beach, returned to the ship for dinner, and slept while the ship sailed to the next location. While you can certainly plan excursions and more active adventures for the days on land, a cruise is the perfect way to be truly relaxed while travelling. Your luggage stays with you while you move between destinations, beautiful views of the ocean are ever-present, and there’s a near-constant breeze. What else do you need?

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We took a driving tour via taxi on both St. Thomas and St. Kitts. The tour in St. Thomas took us progressively higher above sea level for some beautiful views of the coral-roofed houses and neighbouring islands in the distance. You can always customize your tour with your driver (if you’re the only group in the car!) to ensure you go to the truly must-see spots, or to be dropped off somewhere specific and picked up later for convenience. On each and every island, the residents and tour staff were friendly and accommodating.

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On St. Kitts my favourite spot was the lookout point from which you can see the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meeting. All your favourite shades of blue you didn’t even know you had come together in this one spot.

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St. Maarten, however, was my favourite island. The downtown was accessible, and full of character. There’s an abundance of shopping available, but my favourite part was (and always seems to be) the beach.

Have you been to any of these islands? Or travelled on a cruise? Let us know in the comments!




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