Have A Beautiful ‘Earth Day’ Weekend


Today I’m on my way to Indio to have my first ever Coachella experience.  I’m super excited to catch performances by Radiohead, the XX and Kendrick (still pretty bummed about Beyonce, but yay! babies!).

This Saturday is also Earth Day.  I’m always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious so here are a few articles on how to celebrate our Earth and a few others that caught our attention this week.


Should we bring back the Adventure Playground?

A march I wish I was attending.

Incredible signed prints

Apple wants you to get outside!

10 things.

Coachella weekend 1.

Is fashion really choosing talent over celebrity?

I could barely think when I was pregnant, never mind winning a Grand Slam title!

Love this Q&A.

I couldn’t believe this.

Picnic goals.




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