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A Conversation with Alyssa Bertram

It’s crazy the level of taboo that still exists around women’s periods. Hiding your tampon in your fist as you head through your office to the washroom, lowering your voice when you ask your desk neighbour for a pad… we’ve all been there, right? easy., the subscription service for your pads and tampons, not only makes it simpler to be ready for your period, but it’s also changing the game with how periods are portrayed and perceived. I sat down with Alyssa Bertram, the founder, about her motivation behind starting easy., and what she envisions it will change, for the better, for women’s menstruation.


What has the feedback for easy. been like?

Overwhelmingly the feedback has been positive. I’ve heard women who have gone through menopause tell me that they wished a service like this existed when they were growing up. Our subscribers often post pictures of their packages online, and I think this is something really novel in the menstrual hygiene space. It’s really beautiful to see a dialogue around the topic.


The company is celebrating its first birthday soon! Where do you see easy. going from here?

Yes! On June 10th we’re having a big party to celebrate!

From here we have plans to continue growing. We’re constantly iterating on the service based on feedback from subscribers. We want to continue to improve how we can serve our subscribers and women in general through our service. Our ears are always open for what they need so there will be lots to come, stay tuned!!


It seems like so many women instantly connect with your products and service, meaning we’ve all been thinking along the same lines, it seems! What were some of your personal barriers in feeling free to speak about periods openly?

I think I was naturally inclined to be transparent around these things. In my family it was never considered taboo and I could feel comfortable to discuss menstruation. I’ve learned to feel comfortable broaching the subject with men which I think is great. Pretty much anyone I come in contact with will end up talking about tampons, like it or not!


Every subscription to your service benefits ZanaAfrica, and portions of ticket sales to easy.’s birthday party go toward Reclaim Your Voice. Many women are looking to get involved with causes that align with their interests, as well; any advice on finding those organizations to help out there, or maybe even creating one of your own?

Great question! I think it can feel really overwhelming to give back sometimes, even when we want to. There are so many organizations and it can feel difficult to choose one. My advice would be to choose a topic that really pertains to you and start to do some research about who is championing it locally. Another great method is to talk to people. Ask if they’ve ever worked with or been affected by an organization, sometimes people’s stories are the best testament to the great work being done.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that we can all give back, in some capacity. There are so many organizations that you can donate your time or resources to. Once you become open to that idea I believe you’ll come across the one that’s right for you, to donate to or for you to create.


You’ve said on your website that bringing easy. to life was also about “reclaiming joy.” What does that mean for you?

During my time working at the hospital, what I was sustained by was this idea of having a “good job.” To me, that meant a job that when people asked me what I did, I was happy to say the title of. Unfortunately, this job didn’t fulfill me. I didn’t feel like I was using my innate talents, I didn’t feel like the role was a good fit for me as a person.

By starting this business I feel like I found my niche. The work that I do everyday involves connecting with other women and sharing inspiration. These things feel natural for me and really in line with who I am as a person. Having that consistency between who I am and what I do in the world has made me feel really joyful. When I say I reclaimed my joy, I mean that I returned to the simple things I really love, found a way to make a living doing that and feel joyful because of it.



What helps make your period easier? Chocolate, a good ol’ glass of wine? Let us know in the comments!


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