Why Meditation Is My New Jam

I never thought I would meditate.  I have a really hard time shutting off which should be a clear indication as to why I SHOULD meditate….  On a recent family trip when I was under quite a bit of stress (your own business never closes) my brother suggested meditation.  I was taken aback because my brother does not, in any way shape or form, present as a meditating type.  He explained that he uses an App for guided meditation and has been doing it every morning for a while, noticing great results.

I was intrigued.  I immediately downloaded the app Calm and headed to the beach for a short escape.

Calm has both guided and unguided meditation but being that I was new to meditation I chose guided.  Calm allows you to choose what you’d like to work on and I chose 7 Days of Calm as an intro, though there are many different focuses to choose from like Self Esteem, Focus, Managing Stress and more.

Since trying it out I have really loved adding meditation to my daily routine.  I do it in the morning after I’ve gotten Harlowe out the door and before I head to work to set me up for a great day.  Some days it works wonders and others, I just want it to be over, but it has taught me so many things about myself in such a short period of time.  Mostly bringing to the forefront how much negative talk and self judgement is running rampant in my head that I only picked up on through the quiet stillness of guided meditation.

If you’re stressed, overworked, or just straight buggin’, I highly recommend giving guided meditation a try.  There are a bunch of apps but I found Calm to be pretty awesome, plus, they have a bunch of meditations that are totally free!





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