Am I Drinking Enough Water?


Are you hitting your daily water intake? Why should we care? Ummmm, because water is life. Literally.  Not only does it help maintain balance of bodily fluids and support kidney and digestive health, but it’s also what keeps your skin glowing.


Everyone knows “you should drink water,” but then… how much water should you be drinking?


A common question that is asked frequently, but so many different answers are given, so how do you know what is correct?  Variables that need to be considered include activity level, body composition and diet.  The common “8×8 Rule” that one should consume 8 glasses of 8 ounces is easy to remember but generally not enough for most. It also does not take into consideration that water intake is personal, and varies from one person to the next.


A better formula would be to assume 1L for every 50lbs of body weight. i.e. 150lbs = 3L of water.  We find most people are drinking about 1L shy of what they should be.  Use this as a baseline for minimum water intake and add more from there.  For example if you exercise you should consume more than the above 3L to replenish fluids loss after a solid sweat session.  If you had 3 coffees this morning after falling asleep well past bedtime because you fell into a social media rabbit hole last night, you best have already had 3L before lunch!


If this sounds like too much math, another reference would be to evaluate the clarity of your urine. If after you tinkle, the toilet bowl looks like you didn’t even visit it, your water intake is good. If not, grab yourself a jug and start chuggin’!


Some exceptions of course include post beets (don’t be alarmed, your not bleeding internally!), or after taking a B-Vitamin supplement (B2 not only strengthens your immune and digestive system, but also the culprit for glow-in-the-dark urine).


That all being said, how can we get more water in us throughout the day? Here are some quick tips:

  • Keep a bottle of water on you. It’s so easy to forget to drink water if it’s out of sight out of mind. Don’t wait until your tongue is cemented to the roof of your mouth before realizing you should probably have a sip. Having a bottle with you in the car, at your desk or in your bag will remind you to keep drinking.
  • Chew your water by upping your vegetable and fruit intake. 20% of our water intake comes from food so ensure you are eating lots at your meals.
  • I’ve heard water is too “boring” and “tasteless” for some palettes so if this is you, enjoy herbal teas (chilled in the summer) or add freshly squeezed lemon to yours.

Also, if you have a tough time keeping track of how much you’ve been drinking, Plant Nanny is an awesome free App that can help you track your consumption.

Happy sippin’!



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