Afternoon Tea DIY for Mother’s Day

Being a mother, the only thing I want for Mother’s Day is a little chill.  Nothing fussy or over-the-top and definitely nothing that involves me doing tons and tons of work.  I wanted to celebrate my mother and because I would be away for actual Mother’s Day, I made her dinner and Harlowe helped to decorate her cake.

Realizing that not everyone likes to cook and that one of the last things most mothers would want to do on Mother’s Day is to be cooking in the kitchen, I began thinking of alternatives.  Setting up an Afternoon Tea at home was one of the first things that came to mind.  Afternoon tea looks pretty, it tastes delicious and (even if you hate to cook) it’s simple to put together.  You don’t even need a tiered cake stand – pretty plates (or clean white ones even!) make for a nice backdrop to the two stars of the show: great tea and delicious desserts.

We chose to serve Wilde Tea not only for its delicious flavour but its beautiful packaging!  Having it amongst the yummy treats only made the display that much prettier.  We opted to only make the things that took the least work (the sandwiches) and saved the heavy lifting (read: baking) to the pros at ps by prettysweet.

How to set up Afternoon Tea

What you’ll need to set up:

  • a few teapots (depending on the size of your group)
  • tea cups (thrift shops are a great spot for these, matching is overrated)
  • cake tier (optional) or pretty serving plates
  • small plates for guests
  • flowers (optional, but a nice thing for decor that you can then gift to your mother)

What to serve:

  • small finger sandwiches
  • scones with clotted cream & jam
  • cookies
  • macarons
  • any pretty and tasty treat that you like!
  • tip: head to your favourite bakery and pick up larger sizes of treats you like and cut them up to be bite sized to save on $ and time
  • loose leaf tea (like Wilde)
  • Champagne or prosecco if you’re feeling fancy


Happy (almost) Mother’s Day!



photos by Samantha Clarke


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