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A Conversation With Liz Smart, My Mum!

To kick off our month of Motherhood on FB and Insta Live I thought whom better to talk to than my own mother?  Ever since becoming a mother myself four years ago (that was fast!) I look back and always think, 1. I could have never done much of it without my mother’s calm guidance and 2. How in the world did she manage to raise THREE of us?

My mother’s quiet confidence and unwavering support of me since I was a little thing is my constant inspiration as I continue to try to figure out this #MumLife.  It is because of her (and my father) that I have been able to get through all of the mucky bits without allowing them to swallow me up whole.

Last week my mother indulged me and was a guest on Conversations.  If you missed it, check it out below.






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