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A Conversation with Trisha Enriquez of No Tummy Mommy

You’ve met Trisha before – either on the blog here, her own blog No Tummy Mommy, or her Instagram where she shares loads of fitness inspiration and her mini-me Harper makes a frequent appearance. I sat down with Trisha recently, mom to mom, blogger to blogger, to talk about what it’s like balancing work and life, and sharing aspects of her family on social media. Find the full interview in the video below!


Your family life often makes an appearance on your blog and your social, and it makes for very relatable and engaging content. How much of your blog life makes an appearance in your and your family’s life?

I think it is starting to come up more in my family’s life and we are embracing the transition. It’s been a fun journey and I’m excited to see how No Tummy Mommy continues to evolve.


Your husband (No Flabby Daddy!) seems so excited and ready to be a part of the blog life. And, of course, Harper is a regular star on both your blog and Instagram. Do you consider the blog a family business now?

Yes, I think that the blog is very much becoming a part of our day-to-day life. The three of us are all involved now, which I actually love.


You’re always keeping it real, as both a mom and a blogger. Do you encounter any roadblocks that make it hard to share the realistic and not-so-pretty side, or make it hard to share in general sometimes?

I would have considered myself a pretty private and shy person; a lot of times it is simply this that holds me back from sharing in general. I’m learning to push myself a little more outside of my comfort zone, so stay tuned … 🙂


What are some of your self-care go-tos?

Manicures and acupuncture are top of my list. I never thought I would find acupuncture so relaxing!


Do you have a mantra for blogging, posting on social media, and life?
Every now and then I have to just remind myself to stop over thinking every word, every pic or every hashtag. Basically, less thinking and more doing.



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