Comfortable Cool with ECCO


Gone are the days where Saturday strolls involve skyscraper stilettos. Actually, I never had days that involved strolls with skyscraper stilettos – who are we kidding? I’ve always liked looking good, but never at the risk of being uncomfortable – comfort is pretty key for me. Thankfully two things have happened: 1. sneakers or running shoes are all the rage 2. companies like ECCO have created stylish and comfy alternatives to the typical.



The KINHIN is a streamlined dressy version of your typical high top with supple re-tanned leather and a removable cork inlay sole. These ‘sneaks are high design with nods to uber cool Scandinavian style.’ But most importantly, they’re comfortable.  Perfect for long walks and light enough to join you on your summer travels.



When I first saw them I truly had no idea they were from ECCO.  I somehow link ECCO to orthopaedic shoes for the retired set, but when I picked these up I kinda did a deep dive into their collection and was pretty amped to find so many fresh kicks like THESETHESE and THESE.


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