But First, Coffee – at Nescafe’s Taproom!

Coffee.  I’m a fan, anyway it comes.  From espresso to americano, cappuccino to affogato, I’m into it.  Yep, even if it’s instant, if there’s caffeine and it came from a coffee bean, count me in.  Check out my Instagram or Instastories on any given day and you will see my obsession in real time.  Except maybe for that awful spell, that time I decided to take a break from coffee.  I tried, I even made it a couple months, but then I just asked myself one simple question, why?  No decent answer presented itself, so it was back to the delicious brown.

The good people at Nescafé know about my devotion and invited me to check out their newest innovation, The Taproom.  I was intrigued.  Yes, I’m aware Nescafé is instant coffee and real coffee snobs would look down their noses to such a product but I, interestingly enough, have fond memories of Nescafé.  There was a time I was in the Scottish countryside on a trip with my mother scouting venue after venue, weary eyed and exhausted and all any stop had (aside from tea, of course) was Nescafé instant coffee – and it was perfect.

There were the weeks after having a baby when the last thing I wanted to do was leave the house but all I wanted was a hot cup of coffee.  I found a stash of Nescafé in my cupboard and it basically saved my sleep deprived life.

I digress.  The Taproom.  What is it, you ask?  It’s a super cool cafe/workspace/chillout space that Nescafé created on Queen St West where you can go, make yourself a coffee and work or meet or just enjoy.  With a bunch of taps, spouting endless hot water, a plethora of cups and all the free wifi you can use, Taproom allows you to be your own Barista in an environment that screams community cool.

How do you get in?  Snag a Nescafé sachet from one of the members of the Sweet & Creamy street team, head over to 499 Queen St West and scan your sachet on the iPad for exclusive entry–it’s open for business until July 12th.  Once you’re in you’re not going to want to leave.





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