Canada 150

I love Canada.  I love being Canadian.  I don’t know if it’s because of my personality or if my personality is a direct result of it, but being Canadian aligns pretty nicely with everything I stand for and basically everything I am.  Call it stereotypical or shortsighted, but I like being nice, deferential, inclusive and peaceful.  And I really enjoy coming from a country that is known for those very things.

I heard an interview the other day on the CBC with Mike Meyers on his book, Canada.  They were discussing the fact that some people were incensed by the Tragically Hip’s final concert being called a quintessentially Canadian moment.  Mike Meyers replied happily saying something along the lines of loving being from a country that would even take the time to consider how that would make citizens feel.  I agree.  In some ways everything about Canada just feels more democratic, more diplomatic.


One of most favourite quotes of late in reference to Canada is: “If you don’t love me in January, you don’t deserve me in July.”  Canada’s climate can be tough, but the things that make up for it (the healthcare system, the relatively affordable school system, the programs, the varied and stunningly beautiful landscapes, the people) make it a place that I may leave from time to time, but a place I will always come back to, a place that I will forever call home.

Happy birthday, Canada.  Though the number 150 may be in question, the land in which we live that I believe is really trying its best to be its best, is one to be celebrated.  One to be grateful for.


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