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Being the kid of immigrant parents who came from opposite sides of the world, I grew up travelling.  Because my parents were some of the only people to move away from their respective hometowns (Dundee, Scotland and Linstead, Jamaica) their need to expose us to their lineage was paramount.  Each summer, we travelled to either Scotland or Jamaica to ensure we knew not only where they came from but to also allow us to get to know our family more than just through Christmas cards and photographs mailed through the post (no Facetime just yet).

Because there were three of us kids and two of them, planning and budgeting was a big part of getting us to these destinations. Luckily, things have changed, and so much for the better.


I’ve started to instil my great love of travel to my daughter.  Since she was itty bitty I had her on a plane.  Jamaica was our first stop and she was in heaven – she really isn’t a winter girl.  My whole family went down that year, and since then it’s become our yearly family tradition to take one trip a year back to the place where my brother and I were born.  Thankfully, Amex has been our helpful partner every time with their Amex Travel website that’s chock-full of tips and tricks on how to travel with family.

Amex also has a great function that makes booking flights a breeze. The Fixed Points Travel Program is perfect for families like ours – budgeting is so important when over ten people are involved.  With Fixed Points program, travel becomes far more predictable – you know what you’re getting into and everything except taxes and fees up to a max base price are covered with your points!  Plus, you don’t have to worry about things like blackout dates, and can travel with ease during peak times like March Break. You can book up to 24 hours in advance of your travel

Since our first trip to Jamaica together, Harlowe has now been to New York, Miami, Grand Cayman and Orlando.  Travel is not only an important part of the adventurous side of our lives, but also a big part of my work life.  We’re not alone; over 90% of Canadians travel with their children.  If you are one of these families and like me, want to pass your passion for travel along to your family, the Amex Gold Rewards Card is right for you. Cardmembers can earn 2 Membership Rewards points from every $1 in purchases on eligible travel,  making it easier to rack up points and bring your kids along when you’re out of the city for work or play.  This summer Harlowe will be coming to Miami with me and to my cousin’s wedding in Scotland.  She’s a flower girl and is soooooo excited!



To learn more about how to make your travel a little more seamless, click HERE.




This post was made in collaboration with American Express Canada, all opinions are my own.


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