Throwing the Perfect Picnic


Our summers are short so for me, and I’m sure most of you, it’s all about getting outdoors.  Things that I avoid most of the year (read: walking outside) become luxurious moments that I treasure and there is nothing more sweet than spending an afternoon full of nothing but food, friends and laying around – picnic style.

There are a few things to consider when planning a picnic – location, weather, invitees, but most importantly, food and drink.  They say when packing a picnic the food should be simple, yet delicious and always, always, way more quantity than you would think.  A picnic typically lasts longer than intended, random stragglers always roll through and when things are laid out for picking, you would be surprised how much people pick.


Here are some of my tips for a pretty legit picnic


  1. A kale salad is one of the only green salads that can hold up with dressing – in fact, it gets better over time.  They say the lemon acts as a marinade for the kale so it’s great for a picnic as it won’t wilt.  I love this recipe – pack the protein separate.
  2. If kale isn’t your jam, pack a salad of leafy greens with your dressing stored in small mason jars or old jam jars and toss when you’re ready to eat.
  3. Things that are handheld or eaten with fingers really helps with keeping the fuss level low, so other than salads, opt for things like finger sandwiches, drumsticks, ribs and stuff on skewers (Caprese skewers are a sweet choice)
  4. Kimbap is a great alternative to sushi that feels almost like the same thing.  In kimbap pickled veggies and cooked meats like marinated beef and egg replace the raw fish for a safer unrefrigerated version of everyone’s favourite grazing food.


  1. If you’re not into lugging a whole ice chest, filling thermoses with ice is a good way to transport the chill
  2. Pre-make a mixed cocktail (like any of these) or sangria so you don’t have to carry all of the ingredients separate and it’s ready to serve.


  1. If you’re headed to the beach, woven mats win over towels as they don’t shift around as much and are a bit more sturdy.  You can throw some towels over the mats to make them more cozy, but mats are the way to go.  If you’re headed to the park, blankets and old tablecloths are great options.
  2. Picnic baskets aren’t the easiest things to find these days and can actually be quite cumbersome so some great alternatives are small ice chests,  or insulated bags (like this and this)
  3. If you’re an avid picnic-er or don’t love the way paper plates get soggy and hate the waste of plastic cups, the outdoor reusable cups from Pottery Barn are gorgeous, as are their enamel plates.

The best part of picnics is the absolute easiness to it. Whether you go extra and find a vintage truck and bouquets upon bouquets of peonies (literally my dream come true), or you grab everything from the fridge and a blanket, picnics are perfect for any summer day. Happy picnicking!



Photos by Samantha Clarke


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