The 5 Money Blocks That Kept Me Broke

Does it ever seem like some people are just BORN to have success rain down on them? I used to feel that way and often blamed myself for why wealth never seemed to flow towards me. It wasn’t until I started reading a ton of great finance books and had an epiphany. All of my money insecurities were preventing me from actually making any! In chatting with others, I realized that I was far from the only one who had this mental hurdle. Below are five of the most common money blocks we have. The good news is that we can replace these negative beliefs with positive ones, and begin a healthy relationship with our finances.

The “I’m bad with money” block

A lot of us stick our heads in the sand when it comes to our financial situations. Or maybe some of us were bad at math in school and now try to avoid numbers as much as possible. Whatever the reason, believe in yourself. Read up on personal finance or ask your network of friends and family to refer you to a financial planner who can help you budget and map out a plan.

The “I’m in a low-paying industry” block

One of the benefits of pursuing your passion is that you get to do what you love every day. The down side?  Following your dreams may also mean that you’re living off ramen and sharing quartiers with five other roomies until your business, album or art takes off. Remind yourself that even though on the outside, many successful artists and entrepreneurs appear to have “made it” overnight, way more often than not, their success is the result of years of grind that snowballed into success. Keep going, you’ll get there.

The “I don’t deserve abundance” block

Subconsciously many of us have self-doubts surrounding money and whether or not we deserve it, which often leads to poor money choices, self-sabotage, or giving up altogether. Twisted, right? The key is to find that source of negativity and to defeat it. Everyone deserves abundance, security, and happiness.

The “I’m not a trust fund kid” block

To those of you who are blessed with generous families, consider yourself blessed! To the rest of us: I know that balancing bills, tuition, student loans, rent, mortgage, car payments, insurance (and on and on) is overwhelming. Practice gratitude for what you do have and re-adjust your expectations (and expenses) to align with your core values and current situation, while setting goals to begin going after what you truly want.

The “I have to struggle to do what I love” block

Remember when “the struggle is real” became a thing on social media? It spread so fast because we can all relate to this expression on some level. Somewhere along the line, “the struggle” became normalized. Hard work? Yes. Grit? Yes. Long hours, blood, sweat, and tears? Yes!  We all know how that to achieve anything in live requires giving it 110%. It’s part of the journey. Instead of associating your path to success with struggle, associate it with growth. You are growing. You are expanding. You are one step closer to achieving your goals than you were yesterday.

A lot of our money blocks are based on self-doubt and preconceived notions that can ABSOLUTELY be flipped. In fact, when I began seeing and hearing others repeat these same blocks, I challenged them, and myself, to replace them with positive affirmations. Really reflect on where those money blocks originate from, forgive yourself, affirm yourself and take action.



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