Five Faves 2: Podcasts!



For my second installation of Five Fave Podcasts (find the first HERE) it was doubly hard to pick just five.  My commute to work has gotten increasingly longer with the warm weather traffic which sucks for being on time but is awesome for podcast listening times!  *Silver lining*  I love how podcasts not only fill time but fill me with all of the fun facts to make this nerd happy.


  1. Mogul, The Life & Death of Chris Lighty: I really only heard about Chris Lighty after the news of his shocking death.  A hip hop mogul who discovered names like Fat Joe, Warren G and represented others like Ja Rule, LL Cool J, Mary J Blidge and even managed P Diddy for a time – Lighty’s story tells a rags to riches tale through the coming of age of hip hop.  Though this podcast is only on episode 3 (episodes drop weekly on Fridays) I’m completely addicted.  I love hearing the backstory of how Hip Hop evolved through the lens of an industry titan such as Lighty.  Go listen!
  2. Modern Love: I first fell for this column in the NYT with this article that made me absolutely bawl my eyes out.  When I discovered that they have a podcast to accompany it, I quickly subscribed.  The essays are read by actors like Debra Winger, Minnie Driver and David Oyelowo and are dripping with emotion and beauty.
  3. S-Town: From the first episode I was transfixed.  I didn’t really have a real grasp on what was going to happen or why I should be so interested but I went with it.  S-Town, an euphemism for Shit Town, begins as an investigation of a murder in the hometown of John B. McLemore – an avid listener of the podcast, This American Life.  McLemore sent in numerous requests for coverage of a scandalous murder in his hometown but when producer Brian Reed finally made it down to S-Town to interview McLemore he uncovered that not only did the murder not really happen, but that McLemore is more than enough of a story to cover himself.  This description may seem strange but in an effort to not spoil it for you I don’t want to say much more than to encourage you to listen.  That is if you aren’t already one of the 10 million that downloaded it in the first four days after its release.  Also, that cover art – too perfect.
  4. Pod Save The World: I thought my day was stressful but then I listened to this podcast and got a glimpse into what it was like working in the Situation Room during President Obama’s term and everything melted away.  There’s something about putting things into perspective that kinda helps put you back on track and that’s why I love this podcast.  Also, I don’t know why but I’m lightweight obsessed with all things American Politics (even fictional – read: House of Cards) so getting a behind-the-scenes look into The White House from the people that were there is pretty dang interesting.
  5. Fresh Air: I love a great interview – Fresh Air gives a great interview.  From speaking to my favourite comedian Aziz Ansari (Aloooora!) to discussing Interracial Marriage & The Threat To White Supremacy, Fresh Air covers it all.


What are you listening to? I’m always looking for a good recommendation!




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