Glossier Ships To Canada! Now What?

If you, like me, have been eagerly awaiting the day Emily Weiss would announce Glossier’s foray into the Canadian market, you’re in luck. Glossier now ships to most of Canada, with Quebec coming soon! Even better: their international office is based in Montreal, meaning Glossier is good for the Canadian economy. In case, you know, you need an excuse.

But what now? What to buy? Without a store in Canada (yet), it’s tough to test out the products. So let me be your crash test dummy.

I, like many impatient Canadian souls, coerced a New York friend to purchase and smuggle my prized Glossier products on our trip to London in the spring. Needless to say, I have been obsessed ever since. Before this, I had read the reviews but hadn’t tried any of the products myself, so I kind of took a shot in the dark when ordering. But I love every single one. American money well spent.

I love Glossier for a few reasons:

  • Their packaging and branding because who isn’t a sucker for millennial pink and clever copywriting? My fave product name is the Balm Dotcom. Need I say more?
  • Their emphasis on natural beauty that is “Skin first. Makeup second.” Gotta take care of that epidermis, people.
  • I’ve been trying to overhaul my beauty counter to be completely cruelty free and luckily Glossier does not test on animals.
  • Their website shows how different products look on diverse models of various skin shades and types. It’s also intuitive and super easy to use.
  • Most importantly, their products work! I mean, how can you not trust a team that’s raided hundreds of people’s top shelves and tried all the best products out there?

Here are the products that went into my shopping cart on my first order. Obviously, with the new announcement I’ll be ordering again very soon. So I’d love to know: what are your favourites?

1. Boy Brow

I’ve been a fan of thick natural brows for a while. Minus a brief period in the early aughts when I overplucked…we’ve all been there. Luckily, the fashion and beauty worlds have agreed with me over the past couple years and thick, 90s brows are back, baby.

As much as I may love them, I have trouble keeping my brows maintained throughout the day. In high school I tried hair gel but that had mixed results. I also tried pencils, but with black hair, the look was just too dramatic. Enter Boy Brow. As easy to use as mascara, the wax helps to fluff and hold them in place, while the soft tint adds colour and fills them in where you need it. I bought mine in black, but it’s also available in brown, blond and clear. No Helga brows here.


  1. Glossier Phase 1 Set

The company has a knack for putting products together into bundles so you get what you need and save money. I opted for Phase 1 so I could try their essential skin products: Milk Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer and Balm Dotcom. Start with the cleanser to gently remove makeup, even from your eyes, and clean your skin. The Priming Moisturizer is perfect for low maintenance beauty because it, well, primes and moisturizes all in one. Prepping your skin for makeup or life, as it says on the bottle. And the Balm Dotcom is the perfect travel companion, there for you in times of dryness. You can use it on your lips and just about anywhere else. I especially love using it for the dry flaky spots around my nose. I ordered the Original, but there are also scented, tinted and shimmery versions.


  1. The Super Pack

I’ve been meaning to incorporate serums into my routine because, to be honest, I used to just wash and moisturize with drugstore brands and go to sleep. Since adding in Glossier’s serums, The Supers, my life has seriously changed. I use the Super Pure when I have blemishes coming on or fully blown, and they quickly go away. Super Bounce is for dehydrated skin, like the area around my nose and chin. And Super Glow was an absolute lifesaver on that recent Europe trip, waking up my sad jetlagged skin. Sometimes I even use all three—I’m crazy! The pack comes with all three but you can also buy them individually.

I’m eager to try more Glossier products, including the highlighter Haloscope (which comes in a darker shade, Topaz, for those with some more melanin like me) and the recently launched sunscreen Invisible Shield.

And for the next 24 hours, every order ships for free! So tell me: what’s in your shopping bag?



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