4 Dreamy Destinations


Many times I find myself sitting in my office trying to ignore my phone which houses the apps (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) that are always taunting me.  My feeds, chalk full of people I follow in places I’d rather be.  Even my partner, though she is working her butt off, is working in a locale that has me drooling every time we FaceTime.  To cut through the midday malaise I though I would do a little dreaming of where I’d rather be right this moment, and of course, share them with you.  But not just dream locations, dream hotels within those spots.

Here we go!



Cheval Blanc, Randheli 

It should be enough to note that this is a hotel owned and operated by LVMH.  But that would be a boring description, not enough dreaming.  So, let’s dream!

A forty minute ride on a sea plane will get you to this super secluded resort-like hotel in the middle of the Indian Ocean where your private hut, suspended above the water, awaits.  Every morning a butler arrives when you awake to ask what you’d like to eat: no menus, they just make you what you’re feeling for.  During the day you can snorkel in the clear blue waters, or just do what you’re meant to do in this sanctuary of peace – just chill.

At night, eat under the stars, listening to the ocean lap in the quiet company of yourself or your companion. I’m told the food is beyond comparison and that the chefs go out into the ocean themselves to catch what they will serve that night.  Now that’s fresh.


The Surf Club

Though Miami may not be so out there as a spot to travel to, it’s all about the destination and The Surf Club looks to be something pretty special.  I love a place with a good sense of history and since The Surf Club was founded in the ’30s by Harry Firestone and then made popular by people like Sinatra and Churchill, history it has.

With a multimillion-dollar restoration, this property was brought back to life in a way only Four Seasons can achieve.  We’re talking marble that can only be found in one mine in Scotland and the first American outpost of Le Sirenuse, the famed Michelin-starred restaurant from Positano.


JK Place

This majestic little jewel perched on a cliff in Capri looks to have views for days and a timeless style that will last lifetimes.  If you were as obsessed with the nuptials of Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis as I was, you will recognize this place as it was a stop on their insanely amazing honeymoon.  *swoon*

South Africa

Unearth Experience 

Halla just came back from a 10-day excursion into the wilds of South Africa and because I couldn’t go all I did was pressure her to upload more of everything she did onto Instastories so I could feel like I was there.  She chose the Unearthed Experience, which is a turnkey Safari experience that takes you right into the Bush (South African for jungle) to experience nature as it should be.  With great respect for the animals, Halla was able to witness the true majestic beauty of everything from elephants and lions to crocodiles and hyenas all while staying in the most respectfully chic glamping accommodations.

Where are you dreaming of going?  Let’s dream together.






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