Why Dating & Buying A Car Are More Similar Than You’d Think

This may sound strange, but finding a new car is just like finding a new mate.  I discovered this when I found myself both newly single and simultaneously, without a car.  Though the car was the top priority (the new mate could wait), I found myself on the hunt for something new to drive with a list of must-haves that could arguably be seen as interchangeable between what I would eventually be looking for in a mate.

When I’m looking for a new car I’m looking for something smart and dependable, something that’s unique and stylish but also efficient and kind (to the planet). Replace ‘something’ for ‘someone’ and things begin getting pretty similar.

I took the Hyundai IONIQ for a spin and was floored at how quickly I began to check off my list of traits I was looking for. Right off the top it’s unique.  With three different powertrains (tech talk for three electric options of hybrid, battery electric and rechargeable plug-in hybrid), you can find the one that is meant for you.  It’s fully equipped with smart technology (hello, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and wireless charging) and even though it’s efficient, it feels solid and safe.  Plus, it’s stylish and being stylish always helps.

The good people of Hyundai want to help alleviate the stress and pressure of car shopping by checking out this super cool ride. To spice things up they’ve teamed up with Tinder to deliver the Hyundai Ultimate Date. Yep, you can enter for a chance to win a date with celebs Jasmine Lorimer in Toronto or Joey Scarpellino in Montreal and take part in some exciting activities across the city, all in the comfort of the stylish Hyundai IONIQ.

The Hyundai Ultimate Date is set to happen in September and you can enter anytime between now and August 31 online or on Tinder (swipe right when you see Hyundai!). In case luck and love are not on your side for that, you’ll still have a chance to win a date of your own with your lucky partner in the IONIQ between September and March.

Check it out HERE!

Good luck!



Photos by Samantha Clarke


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  1. Such a great post and, hahaha, I know what you mean. Love the photos too & I love an eco-friendly vehicle. I have yet to test drive a hybrid but I think I’d like one for our family.

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