Motivation Monday: Harmony Yoga

I have never been to a yoga class before this, so my knowledge of yoga consists of a lot of gongs and new age music… not exactly my speed, but hey, if that’s the art, I’ll take part. The Harmony Yoga classes at Royal Conservatory School, however, are something different.

Gongs and new age playback are actually replaced by classical piano and flute here. I’m already a fan of classical music myself, so when you combine the beautiful space of the Leslie and Anna Dan Galleria (just outside renowned Koerner Hall, and where the sound carries beautifully) and the peace and inner quiet of a yoga session, I can’t imagine practicing yoga in any other way. My coworkers, who are more frequent yoga-goers, expressed how unique they thought this class was with the space and the substitution of live classical music. Looks like we found a perfect little secret in the city!

Our instructor, Mark-Anthony Del Brocco, explained all of the movements clearly (so appreciated by this newbie), and kept a perfectly manageable pace. During periods of rest he would play a lilting interlude, with the accompaniment of flautist Jamie Thompson. I don’t know what the science behind lying down and hearing classical music in your ears is, but let me tell you: it was relaxing. It also doesn’t hurt that our instructor had a sense of humour – turns out, a few chuckles during yoga are good for the soul.

This class has seriously had me considering practicing yoga regularly. Whether you’re a beginner or a certified yogi, you will find a light-hearted and beautiful atmosphere in Harmony Yoga. Aptly named, no?

Are you a yogi? What’s your favourite way to practice yoga? Let us know in the comments below!



Photos by Samantha Clarke


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