Glam And Party-Ready Nails

The lazy patio days of summer are slowly giving way to event season. It’s upon us in Toronto, and as always, it’s being kicked off with TIFF. No matter what your event, though–swanky soirée or glamorous gala–don’t forget the details. After all, it’s important to put your best nails forward if you’re going to be shaking hands and clinking champagne glasses all night long. Her Majesty’s Pleasure is your go-to salon if you want to ensure a perfect mani-pedi and an early start to the star treatment.

The It Girl

If it’s faster to list the number of events you’re not invited to (if any), then you need a nail design that will act as a chameleon with every ensemble you step out in. Rose quartz nail art is incredibly realistic, and tinted just enough for the prettiest colour. Plus, if pink is not your usual, this design would look stunning with a lilac base.

The Theatrical

If you’re the self-proclaimed or the fan-favourite life of the party, you want a nail design that shines a little brighter. Don’t go for gold, but go for glitter. All-out glitter can often get out of control, though, and blocking with glitter doesn’t always have the same effect as when colour-blocking, so try fading from one colour into the sparkle to really highlight the light-catchers.

The Artist

If you rely on the classics and prefer a nail design that will take you past your party, consider a minimal dot on each digit, and highlight any colour you want with the negative space. A perfect nude with the small but attention-catching accent of black is a playful touch, but go for drama with a dark base and light dot, if you so choose.

Feeling inspired and ready to party? We’d love to know your ideal nail art for a night out on the town. Comment below!



Photos by Samantha Clarke


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