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A Conversation With Antuanette Gomez Of Women Grow

If spotting a new dispensary every other commute to work means anything, cannabis is about to explode on the Canadian marketplace. More importantly, it’s going to be adding a whole new perspective and experience to our healthcare. Since we’re all kind of newbies in the office, I sat down to chat with Antuanette Gomez, who works with Women Grow, an organization empowering women who want to start careers in the cannabis industry. Our full interview can be found in the video, and Antuanette also answered a few extra questions below (because with this topic, the questions never stop coming).

As in any other profession, doctors vary in their methods of operation and expertise. The legalization of cannabis is also a divided topic. Have strong opinions come up within the healthcare industry on use, distribution, alternatives, etc.?

Cannabis is going to change Canada’s Health Care system as a whole, as people will start to look to wellness and alternative therapies for their primary healthcare.

What embodies “cannabis culture”?

Cannabis Culture embodies a lifestyle that is free and fair for everyone. It’s not wrong when people say, ”You know, if we all just smoke a joint at the same time around the world, we would have world peace for about 5 minutes at least.”  Cannabis gets rid of anxieties and depression almost instantly.

What experiences are at the intersection of feminism and the cannabis industry?

Women Grow, (Fortune 500 Company) is one of the most influential cannabis companies in the world. We aim to create a truly diverse and inclusive industry by having monthly signature networking events and member mentorship with industry experts. We showcase female trailblazers in the industry and mentor many women to follow in their footsteps and chase their dreams.

Where is the cannabis industry headed now?

It’s funny how the cannabis industry is still in it’s infancy stage as it’s exploding into a billion dollar industry. Cannabis is going to be found in many of our favourite everyday products: the sky’s the limit. I’d like to see upgraded cannabis options at our coffee shops or spas. I’m waiting for the day when we can get a shot of CBD in our coffee or a cannabis-infused massage oil as a luxury service add-on.


Photos by Vee Mercier


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