Save Time This Week: Cozy Meal Prep Ideas

A funny thing happens as the season changes and it gets colder outside… I don’t know if you experience this, but I get slower. A little more lethargic, a little more blasé. Not lazy (don’t worry, Coco, still working hard), but just appreciating the small moments, seeking out warm comfort in the face of chilly breezes.

A direct result of this feeling is wanting to order delivery all the time, especially when comfort food cravings hit. Cheesy pizza, steaming stir-fried noodles, garlicky shawarma–okay, okay, if I continue it’ll only serve to disrupt the actual message and purpose of this post, so I digress. Below are some quick and easy meal ideas to keep the warm and fuzzy feelings going all day (and give you extra time to watch more TV and read more books.


Delish is a great site for meal inspiration – they’re always no-fuss and down for good ol’ comfort food. This is a list of over 20 variations on oatmeal, none of them boring. Mornings made easy, right?


It’s hard coming home from work (especially amidst the earlier and earlier sunset), so fight the lazy and whip up one of these simple but delicious creations. Chatelaine is always a great source for time-sensitive weeknight meals.

How are you switching up your meal-prepping ways to get in the fall spirit?



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