Keeping Up With Harlowe’s Curiosity With LeapFrog

After Harlowe’s first year of school and on the first day of summer holidays, she said to me, “Mumma, I need to do lots of maths because I need to ‘get smarter’.”

I responded, “Smarter? What do you mean, you’re very smart, Harlowe.”  To which she said, “I need to get smarter so that I can go to grade one next year with all of my friends and not SK!”

You see, Harlowe was in a split grade class her first year at school in JK and by chance became friendly with all of the ‘older’ kids. The threat of not moving on the following year with them had instantly set in and her little four-year-old self was determined to ‘get smarter’ by any means necessary. Which, when you’re the mother of a determined kid, you know this involves you as a parent, figuring out how to bring your child back to reality while still indulging their curiosity.

I explained to her that skipping a grade was highly unlikely, but that doing educational activities was a great thing. I bought workbooks with which we could practice writing, reading and math. We read more books and watched more educational shows, but she inevitably got drawn back to the dreaded “unboxing” videos on my phone.

Looking for an educational solution that was a little more high-tech than a workbook, I stumbled upon Leapfrog EpicTM – Academy Edition, a tablet that looks and feels like any other but that is packed with learning adventures. It’s awesome because as Harlowe plays – and learns! –  it serves up new and more engaging content that can keep up with her (sometimes a very challenging thing, let me tell you). Such a cool thing technology and programming can do now, right? Leapfrog AcademyTM grows as they grow, so I don’t have to worry about Harlowe falling down some weird Youtube hole. Parents with young kids – you know what I mean!

Leapfrog Academy has a huge variety of subjects and builds on core skills like reading, math, STEM and creativity. And, a huge plus, the Leapfrog Academy Edition I got Harlowe is PINK! Hot pink. This is very, very important to her at the moment.

If you’re looking for something educational and entertaining that won’t make you feel like a horrible parent – because, learning – this is a great option. Find out more right here or find the LeapFrog EpicTM – Academy Edition at Toys R Us, Walmart and Amazon!



This post was sponsored by LeapFrog. All opinions, however, are my own.

Photos by Samantha Clarke


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