How To Take The Trendiest Zara Pieces And Make Them Your Own

I notice a trend whenever a new season (and therefore a new season of dressing) emerges: everyone is talking about Zara, with headlines like “Get These Zara Pieces Before They Sell Out” or “The Zara Piece Everyone Will Be Wearing” filling up the online editions of magazines. The hype is real, guys, and I’m not immune to it. If everyone is flocking to Zara for the latest trends, though (and let’s be honest – they are), the fear of seeing five other people on your morning commute wearing the same thing comes to mind. So what do we do?

First, I always give myself a little reality check. Realistically (if Grade 11 Statistics taught me anything), you will only see a couple people throughout the season in something that you also own, and that’s counting the times when you may be wearing something different when you happen to spot that familiar top. You have to keep in mind, too, that tops are really the most recognizable piece of clothing from a distance… I’ve personally never heard “I saw someone wearing the same pants as you today!”, unless, of course, statement pants, shoes, etc. are in play.

So how can you really ensure preventing any awkward run-ins with your style doppelganger? The more natural answer may be to pair your latest Zara pieces with items that you’ve had for years (your tried-and-true white T), or something you spent a lot of time finding (that vintage pair of mom jeans), but everyone may be thinking along those lines. Really want to up your Zara game? Go straight back to the site and instead of shopping (or, while you’re shopping), really look at the way they’ve styled their looks head-to-toe, and then try it out yourself!

Most of the time, people are playing it safe and practical with their everyday wear, so if you want to stand apart, get a little creative and make some unexpected pairings. Guaranteed, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone else taking that extra step and ending up with the same outfit results. When you decide to step outside your style comfort zone, that’s really the headspace where we all differ and have different style. This way, you can shop Zara to your heart’s content and never be worried about matching anyone else on the sidewalk.

And don’t forget accessories, too – that includes your hair style or makeup! Try a top knot or a bold lip to add some extra individuality.

How do you mix your style up for the new season? Any Zara pieces you’ve seen that are a must-have (asking for a friend)?



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