Paris Is Always A Good Idea: 40 Things To Do In Paris

Other than my country of birth (Canada) and the country of my ancestors (Haiti), there is no other place I’d rather be than Paris.

This love affair started at a young age. The beauty, way of life, fashion and the French savoir faire fascinated me as a child. It was as if I had lived in Paris in another life and it was some kind of destiny that some day, I was to discover it and make it my own.

I wanted to put together for you a list of my faves so you could, if you wished to, discover this city through my eyes.

Hope you fall in love with Paris as much I have.

Le City Guide de Winy – Paris

  1. Paris is divided in 20 neighbourhoods (arrondissements). I first discovered Paris by basically just walking with no set destination. The beauty of the city and the things you discover by doing that are endless.
  2. Paris metro: So accessible, so good and so easy to get around if you’re not feeling like walking. There is basically multiple metro stations everywhere, so many different ways to get to wherever you need to get. Easy, convenient and accessible.
  3. Bon Marché, Rive gauche (6e) My favourite department store EVER.
  4. La grande épicerie (6e) Think of the finest food hall you’ve been to and this is just a tad better, just across from the Bon Marché, stop by for a snack in between shopping sprees.
  5. Café de Flore (6e) Screams classic Paris. From the décor to who used to frequent this place (think Picasso, Hemingway)
  6. Musée d’Orsay I’ve spent many afternoons at different museums in Paris and this one remains one of my faves. Walk over from Le Bon Marché, it’s so worth it.
  7. Carita, 39 rue du Cherche Midi (6e) The French know beauty and Carita is my fave, especially this location where I’ve gotten the best wax and facial ever.
  8. Jardin des plantes (5e): Right down the street from where I stay in Paris, beautiful botanical garden and it houses a zoo as well!
  9. Le Jardin du Luxembourg (between the 5th/6th): French parks are a beauty, you sort need to go see it for yourself.
  10. Pierre Hermé (6e) La Durée is great but Pierre Hermé is better. Trust mi daddy.
  11. Ile Saint-Louis (4e): One of the two islands in the Seine River that divides the Rive gauche (Left Bank) and Rive droite (Right Bank). Super cute, tons of little shops and restaurants. If it were summer, I’d tell you to get an ice cream at Berthillon.
  12. Papier Plus (4e) Nothing I love more than a good paper place and this one is so good!
  13. Le Marais (4e): One of my fave hoods, get lost in there and make sure you stop by Place Vosges (between 3e and 4e).
  14. Bob’s Kitchen (3e) is awesome: Bob is a New Yorker who fell in love with Paris and never left. He then opened a series of healthy, vegetarian food and juice bars all over the city. Kitchen is my fave location.
  15. Centre Pompidou (4e) Can’t go to Paris without stopping by this modern art goodness.
  16. Café Georges (4e) Inside the Centre Pompidou is delicious, one of my faves.
  17. Merci (3e) One of those shops that you’ll be so happy to go to, you’ll say “Merci”. Concept store, one stop shop of just cool ish.
  18. The Broken Arm:  Cute concept meets cute cafe, shop till you drop then replenish with a lovely salad or delicious dessert.
  19. Marché des enfants rouges (3e): Paris is a city of markets and this one is a gem. It’s covered so walk around, taste and eat all the goodness the merchants have to offer. 
  1. Musée du Louvre (1e) louvre.frNo visit to Paris is complete without visiting this beauty. Give yourself half a day for this one if you truly want to immerse yourself.
  2. Les Palais-Royal (1e): When you’re done at the Louvre (it’s steps away), you need to stop here. The beauty and architecture that is this place, stunning.
  3. Jardin des Tuileries (1e): So beautiful and it will make you feel like a kid again in the beauty that it is.
  4. Rick Owens Boutique While you’re at the Palais Royal, stop at one of my absolute faves and say hello to Barbara!
  5. L’Éclaireur Perhaps the most beautiful boutique/concept chain in Paris, stop by at one of their many locations. You won’t regret it.
  6. Colette (1e) colette.frYou totally have to stop by here, there is nothing like Colette and all the cool kids shop here.
  7. Ex Nihilo Paris (1e) ex-nihilo-paris.comBest perfume house in Paris, down the street from Colette and the homies Benoit and Olivier started this amazing perfumery. Beautiful scents, a must.
  8. Palais Garnier (9e) cannot tell you how beautiful this place is inside. You really need to take your metro and go. Breathtaking.
  9. Verjus (1e) Delicious food by an American couple in Paris, love it here.
  10. Frenchie Bar A Vins (2e) One of my absolute fave restaurants both in Paris and London.
  11. Buvette (9e) Delicious wine bar.
  12. Le Comptoir de Yves Camdeborde (6e) Not easy to get a resi here but the food is totally yummy.
  13. Mariage Freres (4e) Best teas in Paris, you should totally go to their tea salon.
  14. Du Pain et des idées (10e) Yummy patisserie right at Canal Saint-Martin (where some of the cool kids hang out). Get your pastry and walk around the Canal, a lot of boutiques and shops.
  15. Centre commercial (10e) Cool concept store located at the Canal Saint Martin
  16. Marché aux puces de Paris / St-Ouen
  17. Crêpes: Eat a crêpe at any food merchant stall throughout the city with a ton of Nutella, just for me… pretty please.
  18. French boys: If you’re single, let them buy you a drink; they are loads of fun. 😉
  19. Mama Shelter (20e) ‘Cause it’s fun there for everything, including dancing.
  20. Palais de Tokyo (16e) One of the best contemporary art museums.
  21. Love: Because even if you’re not in love, you’ll fall in love with Paris.



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