Me Too: To All The Men

In discussing the #MeToo movement in the office, we realized that every single one of us has at least one, if not multiple stories to tell. What this movement demonstrates is the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault. It’s not a symptom of just one industry; it’s everywhere. Despite considering only sharing one blog post, we soon realized we had too much to say. This blog post is one in a series of our stories, all of which can be read here.

Us too. Too much.

To the older man who followed me home from my bus stop in Grade 10 calling me names I wouldn’t dare to repeat, that is not ok. To my driving instructor who tried to convince me to “hang out with him” instead of going back to class as I’m “too beautiful for school,” that is not ok. To my first boss, who took me alone on a car ride for “errands” and proceeded to tell me he was lonely and forced me to detail what a “pretty girl like me” looks for in a man. I was 16, that is not ok. To any man who catcalls and then proceeds to tell me I should take it as a compliment, that is not ok. As women, this is our normal and that is simply not ok. For all these times and so many more, #MeToo.


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